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Knights of Glimmer (Preview) by MrFlabbergasted
Knights of Glimmer (Preview)
Hopefully I can get this finished before the Season 5 finale this Saturday. I wanted to at least do a scene parody of Starlight Glimmer as Kylo Ren, but if this doesn't work out I have at least this to show.

YouTube Link:…
ProtoPony Catch (Re-Uploaded)

For those who missed out on the news.
Protopony Collage by MrFlabbergasted
Protopony Collage
By popular demand, I've uploaded my best Protopony vectors into one collage. I know it's very cluttered, and some color pallets need a lot of work. The reason I took down my old protopony art was because I wanted to redo each character's design. I have updated the designs since then, but I don't want to reveal too much. For now here are some of my favorite old vectors in one mash up.

List of Protoponies.

Burning Breeze
Jittering Jolt
Ominox Treadfoot
Porous Pyro
Sizzling Spiral
Storm Shock
Ultra Violet


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United States

I am a college student attending the University of Texas at Austin. I'm looking into majoring in Radio Television and Film but I mainly want to work on animation, graphics designs and writing for video games.

I'm a guy who likes epics. Full enriching tales of heroes struggling, villains destroying, empires corrupting, worlds changing, ideals tested. Simple ain't my style. Fleshing out a universe is what I do and I will go all out.

I don't do it for the fame, I don't do it for the money that the business promises, I animate cartoons because the world needs imagination and wonder. The sense of joy and mystery they project cheers people up and allows everyone to see things from a different perspective.
I don't really care anymore. The guy is still being stubborn, but he's more of an annoyance than anything else. He's not doing any real harm and I feel that me blocking him is somehow screwing up his psyche because he's sending unintelligible notes to my Youtube account that don't even remotely come close to being readable. Honestly guys, this isn't anything to freak out about. I'm more disappointed about people on the internet who don't at least have some form of social etiquette, but then again what else am I to expect from internet users? :/

So what do you think guys? Re-Upload or No Upload?
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